Course Details

To merely call this course “designed”...

...doesn’t begin to capture the inspiring vision and meticulous attention to detail that’s led to the experience you’ll find today. The ACE Club was conceived and expertly brought to life by an individual who deeply appreciates the subtle nuances of a truly exquisite course–the legendary Gary Player.

The strategic curve of every bunker. The undulations of every green. The stunning view from each tee. All were born of the passion for the game that has made Gary Player one of golf’s most celebrated champions.

Everywhere you look, you’ll find carefully considered course architecture that players of every level can appreciate. Those with a higher handicap will find the holes very playable, while more skilled golfers will be challenged to try different strategies based on hole routing, wind and strength.

While you’re only a short distance from Center City Philadelphia, you’ll find yourself in the midst of a visually stunning experience that you only thought possible many miles from a metropolitan area.

Every hole at The ACE Club is a unique, rewarding experience. For a brief description and photography of each, coupled with some strategic insight from Gary Player himself, please visit our course tour page or click on any of the photographs at the bottom of the page.


Hole One - Par 4

Standing on the elevated first tee, you already know you’re in for a treat. Gazing across the panoramic views of the neighboring Ninth, Tenth and Eighteenth holes, you feel you’re on the precipice of an imminent adventure. The first hole features a gradual 20-foot downhill slope that culminates in a wide landing area dramatically framed by bunkers. The bend to the right offers both challenge and opportunity to approach the green and its strongly guarded hole locations.

Hole Two - Par 4

At first glance, the Second Hole presents a lengthy 476-yard challenge. But looks are often pleasantly deceiving at The ACE Club, and that’s certainly the case with this hole and its 66-foot decline from tee to green that plays shorter than it first appears. The added challenge of the right-side bunker 80 yards from the green makes club selection paramount.

Hole Three - Par 5

Excitement builds on this long par five, beginning in dramatic fashion upon the tee perched high atop a ridge. You’ll find a generous landing area for your tee shot, although there are cross bunkers to consider. From there you can take the short-side approach, which means you’ll have to carry several bunkers. Alternately, you can approach from the right side, which is more open, but requires careful consideration of the green and its down slope at the rear of the green.

Hole Four - Par 3

Standing on the Fourth Tee, ensconced by mature trees on your right and a lush, open expanse to your left, you’ll see a deep grass hollow and a greenside bunker on the right. Accordingly, wise golfers approach the hole via a left-to-right strategy, and are wary of the rear collection area that has the tendency to swallow long shots.

Hole Five - Par 4

You can tell a lot about a golfer by the way he or she approaches the Fifth Hole. From the tee, more conservative players are attracted by the generous landing area to the right of the fairway bunker. Those comfortable with a dose of risk, however, may accept the challenge of the left side and its narrow approach. This strategy, if successfully navigated, provides a realistic birdie attempt with a solid wedge shot, and for the long hitters, even a potential eagle opportunity.

Hole Six - Par 3

The Sixth Hole is somewhat reminiscent of Napoleon. Those who judge it based on size alone often discover too late its capacity for disruption. Positioned slightly uphill, the green is situated on a knoll fronted by bunkers to the left. But once you’re safely on the green, you’re confronted by a raised center that creates a putting surface laden with breaks. Those who respect the hole with careful club selection and precise ball placement are rewarded with the opportunity for birdie.

Hole Seven - Par 4

Every hole at The ACE Club has a defining characteristic. It might be a stunning view, the break of the green, perhaps a unique array of bunkers. This hole is renowned, or perhaps infamous,for its radical dogleg to the left. Accomplished drivers will find themselves attempting to carry the bunker complex at the bend, which shortens the hole and provides an open approach to the green. Driving the ball down the center of the fairway, the safer route entails a longer, challenging shot over the right greenside bunker.

Hole Eight - Par 4

Typically, 375 yards would be relatively short yardage for a par four. However, there is little that can be considered typical at The ACE Club. The uphill grade of the Eighth Hole plays significantly longer than it appears, particularly on the second shot. As you wind your way up this picturesque fairway, which is nestled in a natural valley, beware the strong set of bunkers on your right, as well as the misleading green, which can feed the ball in several directions. Club selection and ball placement are critical on this hole, and if executed correctly, will be rewarded with a birdie opportunity.

Hole Nine - Par 5

Standing atop the lofty hillside tee complex for the Ninth Hole, many golfers feel a mix of emotions–on one hand the serenity afforded by the wide, elevated view, and on the other, the excitement born from the challenge that quite visibly lies ahead. Accuracy is a must from the tee, as the fairway is bordered by a meandering creek on the right side, and a steep hillside on the left. The second shot raises the stakes, requiring a difficult decision to either lay up, or venture over the creek and directly toward the putting surface, which is guarded by a dramatic waterfall to the left. Naturally, with risk comes the promise of reward. In this case, a birdie or potential eagle.

Hole Ten - Par 4

The Tenth Tee offers a visual and auditory serenade courtesy of a beautiful collection of surrounding lakes and waterfalls. Enjoy the placid setting, because you’ll need a calm reserve to successfully meet the challenges that lie ahead. You’ll tee off toward a fairway that straddles a lofty ridge top, then make the tough choice of how to approach the green–over a depression and bunkers standing sentinel over the green on the left side, or attempt a right to-left strategy, employing the slope to feed your ball onto the green.

Hole Eleven - Par 4

Demanding both a powerful drive and approach shot, the Eleventh Hole features a gently downward-sloping fairway that seems to fall away to the green horizon. From the tee, aim toward the distant hillside bunker for best placement for your second shot. Shorter drives will require a long carry over the imposing greenside pond, or alternately, you may leave the second shot short and to the right of the water to permit your ball to feed into the green in its stunning amphitheater setting.

Hole Twelve - Par 3

Precision is the secret to success on the longest par three at The ACE Club. From the tee, you’re faced with a mandate to carry a deep ravine. But use a measure of restraint as well, because the 42-foot drop in elevation will accelerate your shot toward the back end of the green, which is generously surrounded by bunkers designed to catch stray shots. Choose your club carefully and you’ll be rewarded.

Hole Thirteen - Par 4

Players who know their abilities well can often outplay more highly skilled companions on the Thirteenth Hole, which begins with the illusion of a straight fairway created by shady tree lines and large land forms. Plan your approach shot before your drive, and base your decision on whether you’re more comfortable deploying a strategy based on precision or distance. The precise approach calls for a longer drive up the left portion of the fairway, followed by a challenging but less lengthy second shot. Shorter hitters should drive toward the right, resulting in a longer but much more open approach to the green.

Hole Fourteen - Par 3

Select your club with extreme care, as the undulating green awaits, not only with a 22-foot downgrade, but a diagonally running stream as well. The long green is bordered by a number of imposing bunkers and affords a variety of front-to-back hole locations.

Hole Fifteen - Par 4

Offering a melange of challenges, the Fifteenth Hole is known for its wide but difficult fairway, sloping stubbornly from left to right and split by an imposing cross-bunker. From the tee, you can play short and to the right, or long and to the left in an attempt to avoid the fairway bunkers. Both approaches will require an uphill second shot toward a green guarded by a strategically placed bunker on the right.

Hole Sixteen - Par 5

Rock and water, forest and bunker conspire to sing a visually stunning siren song that distracts many a golfer from the Sixteenth Hole’s bounty–the possibility of a birdie. Addressing the ball on the elevated tee, your first task is to surpass an 18-foot-high rock wall and its complementary fairway bunkers. From there, the green awaits in a lush expanse of protective mature trees, wetlands and native grasses.

Hole Seventeen - Par 4

Approaching the Seventeenth Hole, you’re struck by the sudden open space all around after enjoying the tree-lined shelter of the previous two holes. Wise players know the drive should be strategically placed to create the most advantageous approach to the angled green, and avoid the deep bunkers in front and along the sides of the uphill fairway.

Hole Eighteen - Par 5

Distance, finesse, strategy, beauty, challenge and opportunity–the final hole at The ACE Club brings it all to a crescendo. Winding through a gentle valley, the first two shots build toward an approach to the amphiteater green bordered by a magnificent lake and signature stone bridge below the clubhouse. A true three-shot par five, Eighteen rewards power and precision approaching the green.