Membership Categories

The ACE Club offers a limited number of Corporate, Full Golf, Intermediate and National Memberships as described below:

Corporate Memberships will be offered to legally constituted business entities, as determined by the club in its sole discretion.  Each Corporate Membership will entitle a corporation to have a maximum of four (4) designees.  Each designee must pay a membership fee and annual dues.  A corporation may change designees once per year.   The designee and his/her spouse have full membership rights at the club.  Each designee counts towards the total membership cap of 225.  Each designee may send two (2) unattended foursomes per day to the club.

Full Golf
A Full Golf Membership will be issued in the name of an individual.  Each immediate family member will be entitled to use all of the club facilities on the same basis as the member.  A member's immediate family includes the member's spouse and their unmarried children under the age of 23 who are living at home and in school on a full-time basis or serving in the military. A Full Golf member must accompany any guests visiting the club.

An Intermediate membership will be issued in the name of an individual who is under the age of 35 at the time of acceptance into the club.  Intermediate members pay a reduced membership deposit and reduced annual dues.  When an Intermediate member reaches age 35, no additional membership fee is required.  At age 35, dues will increase to the Full Golf membership category. An Intermediate member must accompany any guests visiting the club.

The club will offer National memberships to persons whose primary address is located over 125 miles from the club.  Each National member will be entitled to use all of the club's facilities.  The club reserves the right to require any national member who plays more than 24 times per year to upgrade to a Full Golf membership. To qualify for a National membership a copy of the applicant's drivers license and a copy of a current state tax return is required to validate the address being more than 125 miles from the club. Reduced membership initiation fee and reduced dues apply to this membership; however green fees and cart fees may be applied. A National member must accompany any guests visiting the club.

PLEASE NOTE: The annual dues for all membership categories are all inclusive and there are no additonal fees for any of the following:

  • Capital or Operating Assessments
  • Green Fees
  • Cart Fees
  • Bag Storage
  • Food & Beverage Minimums
  • Locker Fees
  • Driving Range & Practice Facility Usage
  • Non-alcholic beverages and soft pretzels at #9 and #13 halfway houses & in the Clubhouse

When this is considered, I am confident that you will find that The ACE Club presents a tremendous value.